Our Office In A Train Station

Train stations happen to be some of America's most iconic structures. In New York City, you would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful space than Grand Central Terminal. The tragic ruining of Penn Station in the 1960s (warning: very sad link) was part of what led to the National Historic Preservation Act. These buildings are from a time when a lot of care was put into craftsmanship. They were built not only to last, but to remain beautiful.

Wilmington Station, on a small scale, is one of these buildings.

For our office space, the Kitchen has many of the same needs as other businesses, but as a top concern, our space needs to be, well, interesting. It needs to be a place that energizes and sparks the imagination. A place where you want to be.

So when I was told there might be office space available at Wilmington Station, I was hopeful.

I did not imagine it would be this perfect.

Built in 1907, Wilmington Station (also known as the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railway Station)1 was designed by legendary architect Frank Furness. Furness unconventionally chose to have the trains move right through the second floor of the station. This is where our office is.

Half of our space looks directly out onto the platform. The track-facing wall is all windows, which the trains pass regularly (no, it isn't too loud, it's quite nice actually). It's a large room with high ceilings and beautiful painted steel support beams, an equipment area with an elevator, and a few nice places to sit. There's a full-length blackout curtain for when the space doubles as our screening room for both digital and 16mm/35mm film (I'll write about film projection in a future post).

Our drafting table is too big. If you need a six-foot drafting table, let us know.

The other half of the space has the original marble floor and high arched windows that you can see from the exterior, framed with the gorgeous red brick. This area is used for our desks and a post-production suite.

It's taken a lot to set up, but it's finally done, and it's an absolutely wonderful place to show up to work everyday.

We hope you'll come visit sometime.

  1. Over 7,000 times, Joe Biden took round trips between his Senate offices in Washington and his home in Wilmington. It's probably the biggest part of his political brand.