Our Crew

(left to right)

Zach Phillips

Zach Phillips has been writing, directing, and editing since he was a film student at Syracuse University (the art school kind, not the Newhouse kind), whose basketball team is more worthy of love than whatever team you like. He is a lover of elegant, well-designed tools, and anything that is built to last. He is a hardware and software addict (seriously, someone get him help) and has spent many a night spelunking through the interwebs trying to find the "best" way to do "whatever." He also really likes typewriters, which he prefers laid out in the Dvorak (as opposed to Qwerty) layout. If you see one of these typewriters in the wild, please contact him immediately.

Jason Prezant

Jason has been with the Kitchen since the beginning (read: the birth of the moon and the stars). His love for photography grew from an early age, and he grew an equal appreciation for the moving picture. A wedding photographer for 8 years, Jason finally decided to marry (ahem) his photography skills with his desire to be involved in cinema. Jason's ability to sit in a comfortable chair and watch multiple movies back to back is unparalleled. It's really quite amazing. Jason is the Director of Photography (or Cinematographer, depending on how fancy he's feeling) for most of the projects at the Kitchen. He keeps in peak physical shape by lifting heavy pieces of equipment frequently. If you would like to talk to Jason, or perhaps would like to know what kind of cuisine he most prefers, please do not hesitate to send an email to jason@thekitchen.co

Rachel Laubach

Rachel is the sort of person that hates writing bios. Acclimated to being behind the scenes from her previous involvement in the hospitality world, her attention to detail is plain scary. Like, freaky scary. If there is an email to be written, post-it note to be stuck, or an account to be balanced, you will likely find Rachel nearby. In fact, if anybody else were considering taking on one of the above tasks, they would be wise to back away slowly, lest they lose a finger or two. This overachieving office (life) manager is the glue that holds the Kitchen together. Also, she's a nice person. If you would like confirmation on the above information, you can get it from the source: rachel@thekitchen.co

Greg Truono

Born and raised in Delaware, Greg has been working with computers, animation, and editing since he was a wee lad. His role at the Kitchen, post-production lead, makes use of his jack-of-all-trades personality to handle everything from when the footage comes in to the completion of each project. Now living in Brooklyn, Greg enjoys easy access to new films, art, and pretty much all the advantages of the big city. If you’d like to get a hold of him, greg@thekitchen.co is a great place to start!