Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it loud in the train station?


Why are you called "the Kitchen"?

There are many reasons. Here they are in order of importance:

  1. We like the name.
  2. We do commercial film production, equipment rentals, we're developing a few apps (tools for filmmakers), we'll soon be selling a notebook, perhaps other products, and eventually we would like to create features or a series. We need a brand that doesn't lock us in to doing one thing. We like the brand. It allows us the freedom to do what we want.
  3. Bradford Wason made us our awesome logo. We can never go back now.
  4. The kitchen (in a house) is everyone's favorite place to be. It's where people congregate.
  5. We love food. Don't you? Food is nice.
  6. Our owner Zach's first job was in a restaurant kitchen, as a dishwasher. It's where he learned to work.
  7. Zach also likes to cook.

Important note: It has nothing whatever to do with any variation of "cooks in the kitchen" or "kitchen sink" or anything else lame like that.

Why must the t in "the" always be lowercase?

Because it must. Don't capitalize the t, and let us never speak of this again.

Why are there curly braces around the name Kitchen on Facebook?

Because the t in "the" must always be lowercase and Facebook is a fascist enterprise that dictates capitalization in page names. Zach wishes we didn't have to be on stupid Facebook. The other employees here force him to have a Facebook page. But he will not budge on the lowercase t. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. So curly braces it is.