Come visit our office
at Wilmington Station

What We Do

We help agencies, companies, and organizations access the emotional power of the cinematic medium.

From concept, writing, and pre-visualization to full-scale production through post and finishing, we have the in-house resources to come in at any point in the process.

To see the rest of our work, head over to the Work page.

From left: RED Scarlet, Cooke miniS4i Primes, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, Canon C300, RED Epic, walnut bar built by South Branch Carpentry

Very Nice Film Equipment For Rent

As much as we love shooting, we don't get to do it every day. For the days when we aren't shooting, we'd love for all of this nice camera and lighting equipment to go to good use.

Whenever our equipment is rented, we like to have someone we trust on set, and we can recommend great crew, but if that's not a possibility, come get to know us a little bit. I bet we'll be fast friends.

For a list of our equipment and prices, along with some short and helpful reviews, visit our Rentals page.

From left: Zach Phillips (dishwasher/director), Jason Prezant (sous-chef/cinematographer), Rachel Laubach (kitchen manager/producer), and Greg Truono (fry cook/post-production)

Who We Are

Our core crew is made up of Zach Phillips, Jason Prezant, Greg Truono, and Rachel Laubach, and of course our wonderful interns (and proud we are of all of them). You can read more about us on the Crew page.

But in addition to our full-timers, we work with a variety of talented crew from all over the Delaware/Philadelphia area. If you are in need of a good local camera assistant, gaffer, or sound mixer for your next project, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for a referral. You can check out the credits on each one of our job pages to see who worked in which capacity on what.

Our Office
at Joseph R. Biden Railway Station in Wilmington
Yes, our office is in a train station. No, it's not too loud. Yes, we love it.

Where We Work

Our New Years' surprise for 2014 was our office being flooded and half of our equipment destroyed (pipe burst in an apartment above us due to the cold). We immediately set out to find something new. We never thought we would stumble across something like this.

Read more about our office here.